Oxandrolone 10mg/100




Oxandrolone 10mg/100tabs Dosage and Administration:
Being an orally administered anabolic steroid, Oxandrolone is usually given in doses of 5mg – 10mg each day to women. It is rare to exceed 20mg a day and if side effects are experienced, it is normally cycled at 2 – 4 weeks followed by a break and then continuation until complete. While a temporary inconvenience for some, for others it will become the only way to take it.

For men, the dose is usually higher and ranges between 20mg – 30mg per day, although it can be up to 50mg a day for those looking for more intense growth and strength gains. In fact, it is not uncommon for some men to use up to 100mg a day, although this does raise the risk level of potential side effects, so use carefully.

Both men and women perform cycles of 8 weeks and it is not a good idea to exceed this length of time without allowing the liver and the rest of the body a chance to recover.


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