Copper Sweet Bowl No2


Diameter Rim: 20.3 cm/7.9(in)
Diameter Bottom: 12.3 cm/4.8(in)
Height: 10.5 cm/3.95(in)
Height with Handle: 22.5 cm/8.68(in)
Weight: 360 gr./

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The Copper Sweet Bowl No2 is perfect to treat your quests. The Copper Sweet Bowl No2 is ideal for serving candies, chocolates, sweets and treats. Also, the Copper Sweet Bowl No2 can be used as decorative item for your room. The Copper Sweet Bowl No2 combines perfectly the quality, the beauty and the usability. The Copper Sweet Bowl No2 is also known as Copper Candy Bowl or Copper Serving Bowl. However, whatever you call it, we have it!

The Copper Sweet Bowl No2 is entirely handmade of 100% clear Copper and it is hand-hammered by specialized craftsmen. The Copper Sweet Bowl No2 has brass base and brass reclining handle for easy and stable holding. The Copper Sweet Bowl No2, with the proper care for copper item, will last for a lifetime.

  • Copper.
  • Handmade.
  • Hammered by Hand.
  • Brass Reclining Handle.
  • Brass Base.
  • Excellent Quality.
  • Ideal as Decorative Item.
  • Perfect to Serve Candies, Chocolates, Sweets and Treats.


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