BOLDE(boldenone undecylenate equipoise) 250mg x 10ml

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Substance: boldenone undecylenate, Brand: genesis Pharma, Package: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)



Genesis Pharma

boldenone undecylenate

250mg x 10ml

It’s a synthetic anabolic steroid using a similar arrangement to testosterone.

The medication is only suggested to be used in veterinary medicine. Boldenone has come to fame chiefly due to its misuse by bodybuilders.


Boldenone is similar to many other artificial steroids. It’s a powerful anabolic agent at low dosages and in high doses owns both anabolic and anti inflammatory properties. At low doses it may construct the entire body once the diet is full of calories. This may result in impairment in spermatogenesis and decline in libido.

After the medication is taken in large doses, it may also be converted to estrogen that could lead to gynecomastia and leads to water retention.

The consequent increase in red blood cells, which leads to more hemoglobin and also a higher oxygen carrying capability. Equipose, as with other anabolic steroids may also bring about changes in electrolytes due to its powerful mineralocorticoid properties.

It’s a prolonged half life since the medication does remain bound to cells and isn’t broken down by the liver.


The way the medication went from horses to people isn’t actually known. However, the truth is that Boldenone does possess powerful anabolic action and reduced androgenic action and is beneficial for building body mass. Boldenone may also bring about a considerable retention of sodium and water in high doses.

This contributes to improved oxygen carrying capability. Though the medication is simply intended for animal usage, many bodybuilders regularly utilize it. The medication is often taken together with other anabolic steroids. The medication is continued for a couple of months and then stopped as soon as the sports season begins.

Boldenone doesn’t instantly induce weight gain. It’s a lot slower than several other anabolic steroids. The muscle is normally obtained over 4-8 months and is constant. Nearly all bodybuilders notice the weight reduction is stronger and longer lasting after a few cycles, with each cycle lasting about 2 weeks. The one good thing about this medication is that the weight reduction is pure muscle density rather than associated with water.

Boldenone isn’t a medication an individual ought to take during the busy sports season. It’s a lengthy half life and is easily detectable in the human body. Nearly all bodybuilders use it throughout season to develop the majority. Often it’s combined with other medications such as Anadrol, Anavar and Sustanol. After the diet is full of calories, the dimensions of muscles could be remarkable.


Since the drug hasn’t been approved for human use, the dosage of this medication was derived simply by guess work. Someone has examined what horses need than merely extrapolated that dosage to people. The frequent dose for body construction isn’t known. The suggested dose in horses is all roughly 1mg/kg every 2-3 weeks. Most therapists administer roughly 400mg/week. It’s asserted that doses lower than 300mg/week don’t assist gain weight.

Together with the formulas available today, it can’t be obtained orally. The medication is injected into the buttock region with caution. Considering that the medication comes as an oily suspension, then an individual needs to not inject over 4-8 mls at one time. Huge quantities of fluid at the buttock area may lead to pain and are extremely uncomfortable. The dose for girls bodybuilders is all about 50-75 mg/week. When the injections are painful one can ditch the medication in 2-3 distinct websites or change the dosing into 2-3 times every week- same dose but smaller quantities given every other day.

The fatty suspension may irritate skin and it’s encouraged that the website be rotated weekly. Aside from the buttocks you can inject the medication into the outer sections of the thighs. The medication is very painful when injected into the arms.

Negative Effects

Boldenone is an anabolic steroid and contains the Complete array of side effects that include:

Oily skin


Hair loss

Water retention

Swelling, edema

High blood pressure


Gynecomastia at elevated doses

Testicular atrophy

Potential liver cancer



While Boldenone Isn’t acutely toxic, the medication Isn’t Suggested for use in humans who

are pregnant

Have breast or prostate cancer

Have liver issues

Have a history of cardiovascular disease

Renal failure



All anabolic steroids include a warning they have the capability to cause harm to your liver, and reduce libido and psychologist your testes. There are many reports that prolonged consumption of boldenone may cause severe alterations in sexual behaviour and spontaneous changes with disposition. Aggression and violent behaviour have been reported following the use of the majority of anabolic steroids.

Over dose

Like many anabolic steroids, over dose is quite improbable with boldenone. Even if a person took many pills in precisely the exact same time, the significant difficulty will be nausea, vomiting or stomach cramping. Whatever the situation, the person needs to visit the hospital for observation and supportive care.


The exact lucrative anabolic steroid marketplace has resulted in a lot of unscrupulous vendors, esp. On the online selling steroids that are fraudulent. Since the medication is only available on the black market, many customers don’t have any recourse if they understand they’ve been suckered into purchasing a fake or imitation item. And there are plenty of reports of fake or contaminated Boldenone formulas. But, it’s now evident that the pills weren’t Boldenone but a mix of different steroids. Due to the fake pollution and products, always receive your medication from a respectable dealer. The people is filled with charlatans that will sell you crap since they do understand you can not go and complain to anybody about the merchandise they sell you.


The medication is unlawful to own, distribute or for individual usage.


Boldenone has a lengthy half life and will stay in the body for weeks or even years. The fatty emulsion has an affinity for fatty cells and resides within the body . The metabolites of boldenone are discovered in urine 12 weeks following the previous shot. So one needs to have a strategy before shooting this medication. If you’re likely to go into a contest within the upcoming few months, then boldenone is your final medication you ought to inject. It’s best reserved for the novice athlete who’s just starting out and would like to develop his or her body. Further you shouldn’t expect engaging in sport for this period of time. Every athletic organization has prohibited the use of this medication and it’s always assessed in the pee.

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